About us

As the successor of the informal Dutch Business Council, the Ethiopian-Netherlands Business Association (ENLBA) was established to better assist the Dutch businesses in Ethiopia as well as serve as a point of entry for new Dutch investors.

The ENLBA acts as a practical hands-on helpdesk but, and more important, it is established to facilitate the information and knowledge sharing within the Dutch Business Community. The ENLBA has strong ties with the Dutch Embassy, the Agri-Business Support Facility and the European Business Forum in Ethiopia, as well as with the various Ethiopian Sectorial Associations and the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce. We encourage our members to use our network.




- Actively provides relevant information (weekly newsletters, alerts etc.)
- Organises quarterly Business Meetings ("borreloverleg")
- Organises business and field visits
- Assists in practical matters
- Organises and structures the collective lobby agenda
- Provides linkages to other organizations
- Does all that is necessary to assist Dutch Investors!
The ENLBA Secretary - and day to day activities - is currently coordinated by Bethlehem Fikre Beyene


The ENLBA is managed by a board that meets every 4-6 weeks. On October 4th 2013, the ENLBA members appointed - per acclamation - the following persons to the Board:

NameCompanyEmail Address
Hayo HamsterMarginpar Ethiopia PLChayokenya@gmail.com
Ronald VijverbergFlorensis Ethiopia PLCronald.vijverberg@florensis.com
Bram van LoosbroekAbysinnia Ballooning PLCbram@abyssiniaballooning.com
Gerrit (Jan) Ritmeester
Crown Packaging and Plastics Plc
Theo Roelofson
Passion Agro & Furniture Production PLC
Edzard Hulshof
Joost HeijSelet Hulling PLCJoost.heij@tradinorganic.com
Betelehem Fikre ENLBA Coordinator betelehem@enlba.org

Our Vision

to create an environment whereby all the relevant and practical information is easily accessible for (new) Dutch Investors in Ethiopia; as well as organize the Dutch Business Community in such a way that best practices, individual knowledge and collective issues can be easily shared and addressed.
the Ethiopian - Netherland business association.

Our Mission

  1. to act as a not for profit independent and recognized all-source information body for business and investment queries on Ethiopia.
  2. to provide information regarding (upcoming) Ethiopian Proclamations and Regulations
  3. to create an online platform for internal knowledge and experience sharing.
  4. to structure communications to/relations with relevant Ethiopian Authorities;
  5. to facilitate and support the business relations between Ethiopia and the Netherlands.

Our team

Board Members
from left to right: Alwin Quispel, Bram van Loosbroek, Joost Heij, Hayo Hamster, Ronald Vijverberg, Berend Oddink, Hans Walhout
Betelehem Fikre Beyene
Coordinator ENLBA