• Road

    Ethiopia has one of the lowest road densities in Africa. As of 2010, Ethiopia had 49,000 kilometers of all-weather roads, of which only 15% were asphalt. Currently, the GOE is vigorously engaged in road construction and expanding the existing road network through implementing a series of what it called Ethiopia's Road Sector Development Programs (RSDP). The World Bank and donor agencies are participating heavily in 'these programs. In 2011, the GOE embarked upon RSDP Phase IV, the largest and biggest program undertaken in the sector. RSDP-IV is considered a strategic pillar of government's Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP), which plans to increase the road network from 49,000 kilometers (33,000 miles) to 136,000 kilometers (91,000 miles) in five years.

    Business opportunity:

    Ethiopia will continue to need construction vehicles (bulldozers, cranes, trucks, and forklifts), vehicle attachments, and mechanized and non-mechanized equipment to level and pour construction materials.

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  • Railways

    The Ethiopian Railways Corporation has identified eight railway corridors for study, design and subsequent implementation, the total estimated length with buffer of which is some 5060km. The eight railway routes are:


    In order to make the implementation process manageable, the NRNE projects have been phased into two parts as follows.



  • Privatization

    The Government, as part of the macro-economic reform, has launched a program for the privatization of state owned enterprises. Pursuant to this program, a number of enterprises have been transferred to the private sector. Currently, there are many state owned enterprises in the pipe line to be privatized. These include food processing factories, beverage industries, textile factories, chemical industries, hotels, etc.


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