Habesha Cement is expected to join the cement market in the near future and plans to introduce a unique type of concrete. Mesfin Abi (Eng), CEO of the company, told Capital that this is a higher quality cement and it will make a difference in local and regional construction. “We are focused on the long term and our goal is to become the largest producer of cement and other construction materials in the region.” Mesfin said that Habesha’s project team which was established as the company set up its factory, will work hard to see the company’s vision come to fruition. “We will invest in construction products,” he added. “Concrete is the end product not cement, so that is what we need to develop to supply the market,” the CEO explained.

The company will supply the concrete that will be mixed with an adequate proportion and quality of gravel, sand and cement.

Experts say that this will inject more quality and efficiency into the construction industry.

“It will also contribute to improving traffic congestion because mixing concrete at main roads around construction sites in cities will be replaced with supply from companies like Habesha,” experts said. The company CEO added that this will also improve safety.

Habesha also plans to produce gypsum board which is often imported from overseas.

“Our resource comes from the best gypsum in the world so not only will this provide import substitution we will soon be exporting gypsum board as well,” he added.

“One of our company’s goals is to produce quality gypsum to feed the fast growing construction of high rise buildings in the country and to export it to regional markets,” the cement expert explained.

The factory, 40km west of Addis Ababa is expected to begin supplying its product to the market in the coming weeks.

“We have been waiting to be connected with the national grid to commence operation,” the CEO said.

There was a projection that the project will consume USD 155 million. There were some minor delays but only a small increase in overhead costs.

The CEO reiterated that they will market their products throughout the region.

The factory production capacity is 1.4 million tones of Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) per year and the expected market share will be 10 percent.

“We will be a key player in the market and have a significant share in the near future,” he concluded.


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