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The Ethiopian-Netherlands Business Association has been in place under the umbrella of the Netherlands Embassy in Ethiopia as Dutch Business Council since 2013. Officially established in 2017, in accordance with the Ethiopian law under “the charity organization and associations agency which bases proclamation No, 621/2009. Currently, the association has around 60 active member companies that are working in different sectors in Ethiopia. The association manages by boards and the day today's activates are executed by the coordinator.
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A businessman trading in electronics, Abel never thought he would be burdened in making timely payments for suppliers. Running a store in Mercato, he has a weekly turnover of somewhere around 800,000 Br though this may go up to 1.2 million Br when business is booming. With huge chunks of cash on ...
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The Ethiopian Customs Commission (ECC) has decided to give importers access to its price valuation database, for long a source of dispute between its officers and the business community.The Ethiopian government follows six basic sequential stages of customs valuation recommended by the World ...
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The federal government has centralized the approvals for investment incentives as the Ministry of Finance takes over the responsibility from various agencies.The Ministry assumed the authority before approving a new directive drafted to enforce the new working arrangement. The revised structure ...