As the successor of the informal Dutch Business Council, the Ethiopian-Netherlands Business Association (ENLBA) was established to better assist the Dutch businesses in Ethiopia as well as serve as a point of entry for new Dutch investors.

The ENLBA acts as a practical hands-on helpdesk but, and more important, it is established to facilitate information and knowledge sharing within the Dutch Business Community. The ENLBA has strong ties with the Dutch Embassy, the Agri-Business Support Facility and the European Business Forum in Ethiopia, as well as with the various Ethiopian Sectorial Associations and the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce. We encourage our members to use our network.
Our Service
ENLBA Board members
Jaap de Pater

ESPBC Steel Profiling Plc GM
Jurgen van der Weide

Boortmalt Ethiopia Plc GM
Yordanos Jemal Shkuri

Dümmen Orange, GM
Gerrit (Jan) Ritmeester

Crown Packaging and Plastics Plc GM
Edzard Hulshof

Heineken Breweries S.C. CFO
Ronald Vijverberg

Florensis Abyssinia Farm Plc GM
Hayo Hamster

MarginPar Ethiopia Plc GM & ENLBA President
Ronald Vijverberg

Florensis Abyssinia Farm Plc GM
Betelehem Fikre

Coordinator ENLBA
Ronald Vijverberg

Florensis Abyssinia Farm Plc GM